How to Write Like a Professional

How to Write Like a Professional
6 Surprising Mistakes That Make Writers Look Like Amateurs... and How to Avoid Them

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogiversary Alphabet: R, S, and T are for Reward Successes Today

Every time we chunk our writing into 10-20 minute blocks of time and accomplish a small goal, we should celebrate our success and give ourselves a mini party. Or at least that's what I've been told.

Successes to Reward:
  1. critiquing a buddy's ms
  2. coming up with five new ideas
  3. researching an aspect of your current project
  4. finishing your own rough draft
  5. rewriting one of your stories (or chapters)
  6. revising again
  7. writing down the first five places to send your ms
  8. writing a cover letter/query letter for that ms
  9. verifying the address and editor's name of a publisher
  10. editing/polishing a ms and printing off a fresh new copy
  11. mailing off a ms
  12. writing three blog posts ahead of time
Rewards to Give Yourself:
  1. a small piece of chocolate
  2. light a candle
  3. get up and dance to one of your favorite songs
  4. go give your children 10 kisses each
  5. sing "We Will Rock You"
  6. read a friend's blog
  7. give three comments to other people's blogs
  8. color a page in a coloring book
  9. read a picture book
  10. buy a picture book
  11. go for a run
  12. do yoga
  13. call a friend
  14. get on twitter for 10 minutes
  15. get on Facebook for 10 minutes
  16. read a chapter from the book you're reading
  17. make a card
  18. play "London Bridges" with your children
  19. play BLINK (a very fast, very cool card game) with your kids
  20. have an ice cream cone (maybe only once a week)
  21. watch a movie you've been wanting to watch for a long time (weekly, not daily)
  22. sit by your fireplace for 10 minutes (if you have one; I don't...)
  23. sit on your front porch for 10 minutes
  24. go to bed early, jazzed that you accomplished your writing goals for the day
Any more ideas, guys? For successes OR rewards?

Keep on keepin' on...

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  1. that sounds fun... but I'd be rewarding myself way too much!! possibly after a good day of writing or every 1000 or 2000 words - but you are right... I get into work mode... I should stop and celebrate more :)

  2. I love your ideas for rewards! And speaking of yoga, I have just enough time before I pick up the kids...

  3. My goal for today is to write another blog post. My reward is to go to bed early, as I am also sick today.


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