Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If A is for All Out, then B is for...

abc blocksA Bloggiversary Alphabet? Cool! A is for All Out. And since February has 28 days and the alphabet has 26 letters, I'll be blogging every day except for two, unless I combine a few letters. B is for Bloggiversary Contest.

So ABC is for an All-Out Bloggiversary Contest!

As many of you know, I host a monthly picture book contest that began in August 2010. This month, my bloggiversary month, I'd love to have more than one winner. That means I'll need to have LOTS of entrants participating. Not only do you win recognition and a huge boost of confidence, but the winner of each category wins a critique of his or her ms, AND a marketing plan from me. This is especially useful if you aren't planning on looking for an agent and you don't have access to a market book. The five categories are:
  1.  Early PBs (age 2-5)  Just think pre-school.  (Shorter, simpler, etc.)
  2. "Classic" PBs (age 4-8)  You know, my favorite!
  3. Non-fiction PBs
  4. Rhyming PBs
  5. Animal PBs
Every person that enters (and you can enter more than one category - this month only) will also be entered into a drawing to win Crocodaddy by Kim Norman. If you enter all five categories, that's five chances to win her book!

If you ENTER the contest, you can win Crocodaddy. If you enter the contest (and have a prize-winning ms), you win recognition, a critique, AND the marketing plan.

If you blog or tweet about the contest, you'll win chances to win The Giblin Guide to Writing Children's Books by James Cross Giblin. It's a wealth of information for ALL children's writers, including MG and YA! If you blog about the contest, you'll get 5 extra points. You can tweet once daily @christiewild for 1 point per tweet. Just tweet this (copy and paste), or feel free to change up the wording if you like: February Bloggiversary Alphabet - contests to win #writing books and a critique of your PB! @christiewild.


Check back tomorrow for what "C" stands for, and no it's not Cookies!

What does your "B" stand for?

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. I'm not a PB writer, but this sounds like a great opportunity for those who are. :D

  2. Hi Christie, you make my grandchildren and many others smile... you deserve an Award - please pop over to The Farm, it's waiting for you!

  3. What a great contest, Christie! Since I benefit monthly from your critiques, I won't enter, but I'll post about it on my blog tomorrow! : )

  4. Christie - you have a great blog with lots of wonderful ideas! Every time I visit your blog I come away inspired. - Maeve

  5. Stina, even if you don't write PBs, you can still tweet about my contest and gain entries to win the Giblin's Guide. It discusses juvenile (MG and YA) fiction and nonfiction, PBs, and marketing. Chapter 6 is "Common Failings in Juvenile Fiction - and How to Correct Them." Excellent for ANY children's writer!

    Grandpa, I'm glad I make you smile. Thanks for the award.

    Megan, I know we're crit buds and all, but don't let that stop you from entering. What about the marketing plan? ;)

    Maeve, Awww. I'm so glad I inspire someone. I wish I could inspire myself more often. Thanks.

  6. Congratulations Christie! I'm not in, either, but best of luck to the others. Your critiques are terrific!

  7. Congratulations Christie, awesome contest!

  8. Awesome contest Christie! I've been waiting to hear who won the November contest since I mailed you one of mine, but now I have another :)

  9. OOOOH! NICE! I need to polish a few of mine and see which I should submit.

  10. Sure, Corey! Please do, and spread the word, too!

  11. Will be tweeting, blogging and submitting if that's ok! :)

  12. Hi Christie, I've entered, may try another category, too. Thanks for the opportunity.
    In answer to your question .. My "B" stands for blogging. :)

  13. Thanks to all who entered the bloggiversary contests. The contest is now closed. Brian Cretney won the PB, Crocodaddy. And Lynn A. Davidson won The Giblin Guide. Congratulations!

  14. Hi Christie - came by via the a to zed challenge - lovely site!
    Jan Morrison

  15. Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!


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