Friday, March 11, 2011

200 Words

Yippee!!! I now have 200 followers! Thank you all so much for reading my blog from time to time and making the effort to comment on my posts. I can't believe I have 200 followers in a little over a year. Sorry, no contest to celebrate, but I will share 200 words about me. Enjoy!

spring, Asheville, rain, 26.2, cheerful, 70's, clovers, chapstick, boxes, Jewel, saute, mushrooms, steak, Nanny, babies, family, chocolate, mom, church, blue, red, purple, Frederick, pencils, pens, dog, cat, bee, ladybug, insects, global, inspire, fruit, run, smile, April, talk, words, share, NC, sandals, compost, Christmas, puzzles, creative, numbers, slippers, spell, 13.1, runner, pictures, optimism, sunshine, 80's, music, dancing, reggae, fish, bake, broil, salad, avocado, temple, genealogy, wife, mother, school, home, Oakley, garden, green, pink, tan, LOST, trampoline, Highland, horse, bird, read, write, color, world, lift, hold, jewelry, CTR, faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choices, accountability, good works, integrity, virtue, LDS, scrapbooks, computer, class, students, yin-yang, UNCA, bracelets, watch, rings, VW, organize, illustrators, Pollacco, authors, Yolen, 5K, pencil sharpeners, Erasure, rock-n-roll, flowers, trees, lake, canoe, waterfalls, hike, work, office, chair, black, white, silver, kneel, pray, earrings, hug, kiss, photography, chess, CA, scriptures, Bible, fun, children, 10K, heart, water, treadmill, Skittles, BYU, sleep, Kirby, RAV4, 90's, autumn, Falco, Country, camping, zombies, math, literature, sister, Cranberries, teacher, outside, gymnastics, khaki, paper, books, race, shark, fish, draw, yoga, Paprika, calculator, sticky notes, UNO, smoothie, lists, Book of Mormon, Alaska, Mraz, disco, writer, brown, marathon, Superman, karate, dig, till, earth, necklace, laptop, money, stickers, grammar, curious, dictionary, alphabet, Marion, winner.
Depending on how you count, there might be a few more than 200. Oh well.

Want to share a few words of your own about yourself? 

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. Congrats and well done thinking up all that. I loved Erasure just after their prime, excellent music and I love waterfalls too.

  2. Congratulations! I'm curious about 26.2...

  3. congrats on 200 followers!new gfc follower, so that makes 201! love the blog and i'm looking forward to readin more! =]

    follow me?!

  4. Thanks Jessica. Yea!

    Catherine, the only thing better than Erasure and waterfalls might be listening to Erasure while hiking to a waterfall (while eating chocolate)!

    Alison, the 26.2 is the distance in miles for a marathon. So 13.1 is a half marathon. I ran my first in Alaska for The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society at 8.5 hours (errr...more like WALKED practically) and my second in Myrtle Beach at 6.5 hrs. I'm doing my first half this September. Or might that qualify as my third half ;) ?

    Linday, thanks for following me. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and participating in the discussions from time to time. Welcome aboard!

  5. I'm finally out of bed enough to finish crusading and I want to tell you, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. :) Nice to know a fellow picture book writer. :) Fellow horse lover, I see. I ride lots and even when I'm not riding, I'm down at the barn with the horses, chickens, cats and the dog. :)

  6. Welcome, Robyn! I've always loved horses, still do. My mom owned one once. I never have. Don't ride either. But I used to draw them. Still admire them with great awe. Hope to see you around! Glad you're feeling well again!


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