Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Super Snooper Blogfest

I am participating in Alison Stevens' blogfest today. 

My character, Siku, has a two-inch carved wooden sled dog on his dresser right next to a year-old superhero valentine from his best friend. He has marbles under his bed and ghost stories in his closet floor. His favorite article of clothing is his navy blue sweatpants. The whole house is hardwood floor. Next to his bed lay a polar bear rug (sent to him from his grandfather Atka) with two pair of dirty socks tossed on it. In one corner of his room is a puzzle, half-finished, of the Northern Lights. Out his window, you can see the Badlands. On his desk is a deer antler lamp, a messy stack of jumbled notebook paper and construction paper, scissors, tape, a stapler, and a tin can full of colored pencils. Siku's shelves have over 1,000 Lego pieces and over 300 cars placed in several different containers of metal, plastic, and cardboard. On one wall is a large picture of a wolf howling at the moon. A 3x5 family snapshot is tacked right above his bed with a push pin. The photo of Siku's parents was when they visited Alaska right after he was born.

Okay, Snoop, what kind of character is Siku? I hope I win the book!


  1. Siku is a child who is interested in places, particularly Alaska. He feels a connection to it. He also sounds rather well organized for such a young person. :) I'll announce winners on Friday (or Monday, now that I'll have to find a second prize...). Thanks for participating, Christie! I hope I get to read a story about Siku soon. :)

  2. His name and wildlife-type possessions have me thinking he is has ties to Alaska, more than just his parents having visited right after he was born. I also love the addition of the legos and cars, reminded me that regardless of his ties to Alaska, he is a boy with boy interests.

  3. I second the comments above. Exactly what I'd say. A boy with an Alaskan heritage, who loves it and his family.

  4. He's a young lad whose family, or he himself seems to have lived in the arctic. Maybe Alaska. Sounds like he has a fascination with travel and adventure.

  5. Into science, nature and the mysterious. I'm guessing he's about 8. He has a family who loves him.

  6. Sounds like poor Siku needs to get himself to Alaska!

  7. Hi,

    Siku obviously has connections with Alaska, his name and that of grandfather implying Native Indian from the polar region, and I'm guessing he might be adopted and he longs to experience life back where he believes he belongs.


  8. He's probably around 8 or 9... Alaska heritage some type of eskimo I would guess.

  9. Cute! He sounds about 11, still cherishes his youth and enjoys life and friends. I knew he lived in Alaska before you said the word. ;) I want to learn more! Where can I find out about your book? ;)

    What do you think about my

  10. He's actually 6, at least in my mind. He's from Alaska and his grandfather still lives there. The only time he's ever visited was when he was a baby. He really wants to go visit Grandfather Atka for his 7th birthday. Elizabeth, you'll have to wait until my book is published. That may be in three years, or it may be in 23 years. But I'm shooting for sooner. Julie, Siku is definitely fascinated with the mysterious!

  11. Christie, how sweet! You're so wonderful to describe the cherished room of a little 6 year old. I LOVE kids! *hugs*

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥


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