Wednesday, August 3, 2011


fly 01Hope is a fly buzzing above your head, aspiring to go higher, happy to be free to fly wherever it chooses, following a dream of food in a not-too-distant sunset. Hope cures depression. Hope creates excitement. Hope is the heart of the world. As a teacher, I hope to one day have my own classroom. As a I writer, I hope to to plant the seeds of hope in the hearts of those that read my books. As a mother, I hope that I am teaching my children all the things that they need to know to be safe, healthy, and happy.

When hope is crushed flat like a fly under a rolled newspaper, there is no chance for a watermelon sunset. No looking forward to tomorrow. No buzz above your head aspiring toward the clouds, perhaps not even a hum in your heart.

A feeling that I am where I need to be right now gives me hope.  A compliment of talent gives me hope. And a simple invitation gives me hope. No promise. But a bread crumb trail to follow. Hope for a picnic at the end of the rainbow. Fear of getting squished again? You betcha! But my heart's a humming and I'm making shapes from the clouds again. Excitement is buzzing again. Things are looking up and I hope WHEN (not IF) I have big news (no matter how long from now that will be), that you all will celebrate with me (classroom? book deal?).

Are you hopeful for a brighter tomorrow? On a smaller note, I just hope to get the laundry done and the bills paid tomorrow.

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. I have great hope for you too, Christie! You are a very good writer with excellent ideas. I'll celebrate with you whenever, wherever!!

  2. Thanks! Now what state do you live in, again?

  3. Nice! We all have to keep hope. One of the greatest gifts I had as a teacher was getting my own classroom. That was so important. I did spend a couple of years dragging my life from room to room in a big blue plastic tote on a luggage cart and was thrilled to finally get my own room. I wish it for you. A room of one's own is every bit as important in teaching as writing. Virginia Woolf got it right. I will celebrate a room and your books with you!!


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