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Product DetailsChowder by Peter BrownWhy is it agents love to use the word quirky? They love quirky picture books or quirky characters. I feel like it's becoming cliche. I always thought it meant weird, different, funny, odd, fun, goofy, eccentric, and unique. According to RhymeZone's definition, quirky means: strikingly unconventional. That's a lot more specific than my definition. Or is it? And the synonyms are: far-out, kinky, offbeat, unconventional, way-out. According to Webster, quirk (as a noun here) means a sudden twist or turn, and a peculiarity. I think more than anything, it's a feeling. Like beautiful. We all have our own opinions on what makes something beautiful. Same thing goes for quirky. I think it's: very unconventional, different, fun, unique.
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  So, what does quirky mean to you? Read any good quirky books lately (picture books or otherwise)?

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  1. I'm SO glad you called this out. Quirky is thrown around for picture books about as much as high-concept or voice-driven is for novels. It would be far better to give examples, as you have done, or to specify the "kind" of quirky - odd friendships, fantastic characters, goofy personality traits, etc.

  2. Hi Christie,

    Sorry it's been so long since I popped by, I can't seem to comment on your blog from my netbook and the whole point of getting one was to read blogs in the gaps in the day - dash! After a super busy summer with overseas family and WriteOnCon I've made it over here and I feel very quirky lol. :)
    I agree with all your descriptions, they all fit the image I have of quirky. And I have to say my son would love that Fartiste book and I would love the chicken one. Take care

  3. Hi Christie, I do think the term quirky is overused, just as I think in YA edgy is ridiculously overused. To me, quirky brings to mind the Wallace & Gromit books and videos. I think quirky is more about characterization than anything else. Just my two cents.

  4. I agree with all of the above, but I'd be pretty psyched if I could come up with the next quirky character that an editor wanted to buy! :)

  5. Christie - I'm with you! Quirky does seem to be a general adjective that is overly used. It is just like the above commenters said - YA edgy or voice driven. I do like the definition, "strikingly unconventional," but even that is subjective.


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