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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Monster Picture Books

The Block Mess Monster
The Block Mess Monster by Betsy Howie and C.B. Decker (Henry Holt and Company, May 2008)

The Wildest Brother
The Wildest Brother by Cornelia Funke (2006)

Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems (2005)

My Monster Mama Loves Me So
My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck (HarperCollins, 1999)

Glad Monster, Sad Monster
Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Anne Miranda (1997)

Little Monster Did It!
Little Monster Did It by Helen Cooper (Dial, 1996)

Off to Bed, Little Monster! / a La Cama, Monstruito!
Off to Bed, Little Monster by Mario Ramos (1996)

Five Ugly Monsters
Five Ugly Monsters by Tedd Arnold (1995)

Go Away, Big Green Monster!
Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly (1992)

Where the Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (1963)

Flusi: The Sock Monster [Book]
Flusi, the Sock Monster by Brine Brindle

Little Miss Sophie and the Sneaky Sock Monster [Book]
Little Miss Sophie and the Sneaky Sock Monster by Victoria P. Lerman

Simon and the Sock Monster [Book]
Simon and the Sock Monster by Kathryn Otoshi

Aggy and the Sock Monster [Book]
Aggy and the Sock Monster by  Jessica Rea

The Sock Monster by Glenn Melenhorst

Gracie Meets the Sock Monster [Book]
Gracie Meets the Sock Monster by Geeta Bagga

The Sock Monster [Book]
The Sock Monster by Lucy Meadows

Sid the Sock Eating Monster [Book]
Sid the Sock Eating Monster by Awen Little

The Little Sock Monster [Book]
The Little Sock Monster by Debbie Stoyanof

Here's 160 more monsterly picture books for lower grades (reading levels 1 to 4.5) at Renaissance Learning.

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