Friday, October 29, 2010

Are You Grounded?

lightning_icon_benji_par_01Cold weather is quickly upon us and that's when being grounded is important. Every winter, millions of drivers get zapped with a tiny shock as they exit their vehicles. Here's a tip, before you even shift your butt in the seat, you should open the car door and touch the metal. THEN slide out and put your feet on the ground while continuing to touch the door frame. It's just how I ground myself in the winter to avoid that little (sometimes big) electric shock of lightning from my fingertips.

But what about writing? Apparently, I'm grounded there, too. Just got my FIRST REJECTION LETTER this week! I didn't sulk, pout, cry, or get angry. I was actually kind of excited (and a little disappointed). I just shrugged, "Oh, well. Time to send it out to the next publisher." I really did hope they would take me on though. But alas:
"Thank you for sending a sample of your manuscript....We are always pleased to see new ideas, and we have now completed our review of your material. It is obvious you have invested a considerable amount of time and energy into this project....we are forced to be extremely selective in our publishing decisions....we are not in a position to pursue this project with you. Unfortunately, the demands of our editorial workload prevent us from sending detailed comments about your work...."
Not sure if that's a form rejection letter or not, but I was happy to get my first. So I guess I can call myself a real writer now. Planning to get package prepared to send out (November 1) to next publisher on the list. I didn't even need to consult chocolate. It's just a way of life. Rejection, that is. I even smiled when I told my hubby. It's totally going to be their loss, right?

How do you stay grounded in the face of rejection?


  1. LOL. Give it a few and then you'll see the need for chocolate. But then again, I also eat chocolate when I land a request. :D

    Sorry about the rejection. Hopefully the next publisher will love it!

  2. Rejection scares me! However, I know it is an integral part of the writing process. So, YAY for being an "official writer" but BOO for the rejection!

  3. Each rejection,though disappointing, is a badge of honor imho. Yes - you are a real writer. You're in the game. You can't get to yes unless you're actually sending stuff out. I think you're attitude is inspiring. Remind me to come back and read this post when I get my next one - lol!

  4. Sorry about the rejection:( But you're right, their loss! And, I wholeheartedly agree with Julie on the badge of honor. I'm excited about the idea of receiving my first rejection. I'm going to frame it:)

  5. Commiserations Christie. Though great point made by Julie, will have to remember that one for myself as well ;)


  6. You're in the game and that's the main thing, good luck with your next submission Christie!


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