Friday, October 1, 2010

Book Fairs

I recently bought four new books from school book fair, you know, Scholastic. Two paperback and two hardback. I thought they might make great Christmas gifts. There were so many more books I wished I could have gotten. Money is always an issue. I can't buy the whole fair. As much as I really wanted to get about 15 books, I couldn't. Since I don't have my own classroom, I struggled with the question of getting some books for my future classroom, or getting books for my own two children. I opted for the latter. But I couldn't help but take notice of several books that would be great for the classroom, two of which I bought:
  • I bought Steve Jenkins' latest, Bones, for my son. It would double nicely as a reference in a 3rd grade classroom (in NC, anyway).
  • I finally got to read 14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy. It's about a true story of compassion after 9-11. Classroom teachers can teach Character Education and Social Studies in a world view.
  • Shante Keys and the New Year's Peas by Gail Piernas-Davenport is about a girl that is looking for some black-eye peas, and learns of other cultures and their New Year's traditions. Also told in rhyme. Great for Social Studies and Holidays.
  • I also bought Poles Apart, Life at the Ends of the Earth by Dr. Mark Norman. Did you know that polar bears and penguins will never meet each other in the wild? Do your kids know this? I am fascinated with Arctic animals and have two books in the works about such.
I also bought Leslie Helakowski's Big Chickens Fly the Coop. It is so good. Hilarious. Lots of threes. Very good word play and vivid action verbs. I remembered seeing Big Chickens at Books-A-Million about a month ago, but I didn't buy it. So a few days after the Scholastic Fair, I went to to the bookstore to find it, but it was already gone! Good grief, Charlie Brown. There are actually three in the series. Maybe I should put the other two on my Christmas Wish List. Leslie Helakowski also wrote Woolbur. So now she is on my Favorite Authors list. I also went to a used bookstore and bought two more picture books. 

Are your kids getting books for Christmas this year?


  1. My kids get books for Christmas every year, so yes! Our book fair is next week, and I can't wait. I'm also volunteering, so I'll have plenty of time to be lured into temptation.

  2. I love the book fair as well. I have a third grade daughter who loves the idea of books but hates to read them. I don't get it. But it's interesting to go into the book fair with her and see just how different we are with reading and what her choices are versus mine. And so it begins, mom versus daughter. Good picks, great post! I'm a fellow crusader!

  3. I love your September quote! Your sense of humor and perseverance will help you achieve your goal of publication. And thanks for the mention of my book, Shante' Keys and the New Year's Peas. I didn't know it was in the Scholastic Book Fair! FYI, teachers can download an activities guide at my web site.

  4. Julie, temptation is terrible. Last spring I was working at the school during the book fair and browsed the shelves every day at lunch. I spent WAY too much!

    Welcome, Patricia! My 1st grader LOVES books, but he does not share the affinity for actually reading them...yet. The day will come, I'm sure.

    Gail, so glad to have you comment on my blog! How ever did you find it? Good to know about the activities guide!

  5. Scholastic? It is for the first time I have heard about this terminology. Can some one here explain it to me that what does it mean by this terminology?

  6. Hi Christie - so, I started following your Blog and now I am hooked. I am still working through reading your archives, and I find I am not only learning new things but, I am enjoying what I am reading. Good luck with your writings and I am intrigued by the title of the books you are working on! -

  7. Hi Christie! My, what a cute blog you have! ;)

    Interesting voting idea you have there. I especially liked the results, it's surprising, isn't it?

    Oh, yes. I always get books for my kids for Christmas. You should see our bookshelves. LOL...

    Lookie! I be following ye! ;)

    ~Elizabeth :)

  8. Scholastic is a HUGE publisher, distributor, etc. They have their own book club and their own book fairs, too. Just look up and you'll see how comprehensive they are.

  9. My kids get books for Christmas every year. I consider books to be the perfect gift.

  10. Me too. Everyone gets books as gifts. Doing my bit for youth literacy...and making use of my book-buying habit.

    It doesn't seem odd to me that you'd want to buy books for a classroom you don't have yet. I bought children's books for several years before I actually became a mother!


  11. Big Chickens Fly the Coop is one of my absolute favorite picture books! My son loves it, and love all the great verbs. I also love how these chickens are such "chickens" but they are forced to be brave. The author uses great verbs that are so descriptive, they rhyme, and are in threes. I actually suggested that Megan from our critique groups looks at these because I thought it would be helpful with one of her manuscripts. However, they are just fun books.

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