Monday, November 8, 2010

Survey SAYS...!

1 - Complete Novice
  7 (22%)
2 - Started Writing as an Adult
  3 (9%)
3 - Still Learning
  15 (48%)
4 - Published (not worth mentioning)
  9 (29%)
5 - Published with significant pay
  4 (12%)
6 - Lots of genres
  6 (19%)
7 - Mostly One Genre
  12 (38%)
8 - A Conference Attender
  7 (22%)
9 - Multiple Books on the Shelves
  3 (9%)
10 - A Real Pro
  1 (3%)

So these are the results of my survey. Thirty-one people voted. It it interesting to note that the majority of us write in mostly one genre. I write mostly picture books (duh). And about half of us say we are still learning. I think that attending conferences is a great way to not only continue on our constant learning curve, but to also instill inspiration and keep us on the right path. I've been to three conferences. Next year, I hope to attend my first SCBWI conference. Number 9 - Multiple Books on the Shelves - may have been worded in a slightly misleading way. I don't know how everyone voted in that respect. It was meant as "I have several books published and on the shelves (for sale)" but could have meant to many "I own a lot of books about the writing craft, or simply lots of books, period." Either way, if we write, books are a large part of our lives. I am, however, curious as to who the "Real Pro" among us is. (Is that sentence even grammatically correct?) Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Thanks, ya'll for participating in my survey. It was fun.


  1. Ooh, interesting results! Definitely want to know who the real pro is too! :)

  2. Fun to see where everyone (well, some of us) fit in.

    Wow. I haven't stopped by in a couple of weeks and you have more than DOUBLED your followers. Well done, Christie!


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