Wednesday, February 29, 2012

READ-4-LUCK: Blue Chicken by Deborah Freedman

READ-4-LUCK is the weekly feature that acts as a book recommendation, book review, teaching tip, and writing lesson for children, parents, teachers, and writers.

 = Not bad. Might read twice.

 = Fun read first few times. Would get from library again.
 = Very enjoyable. Wouldn't mind owning a copy.
 = Awesome! Never tiresome for children, parents, teachers, or writers. May just have to buy this book.

This week's pick is Blue Chicken written and illustrated by Deborah Freedman.
From the jacket flap: All this chicken wants to do is help. But when she spills a pot of blue pain, the other animals sure don't find her helpful. And things only get worse - and more and more blue - the harder she tries. Poor chicken! can anything undo the blue?

Publisher: Viking
Year: 2011
Word Count: 134
Book Level: 1.2
Age: 4-8
Topic: Chickens, Art, Helping
Theme: Making things right, Saying sorry
First Lines:
At last! This picture is almost finished. the chickens are white, their coop is brown...and this day is perfect for painting the barn.
CHILDREN:  My kids said: Look! Blue chickens! Look! It's raining outside! Look! She's painting the barn too! This is a visual feast full of clever moments.

PARENTS:  I love looking at this book! It is just so fun. I like explaining the small details to my children. The more you read it, the more lines you remember, and it becomes even more fun to read.

 This book needs to be a part of your integrated art unit. Preschool teachers could teach about color, animals, and friendship or as a preview for a farm unit. Teachers of older grades could definitely benefit from teaching children that wonderful things can happen in their art from accidents.

 I can't believe this powerful book only has a mere 134 words! Aah - the advantages of being an author/illustrator! 

This is Deborah Freedman's second book. You can also read an interview with her about her debut book, Scribble.

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  1. Sigh, you are so right, it is much harder when you are just a writer to get your text down to so few words! I look forward to this visual feast. Thank you!

  2. I've seen this book, and it is very funny. Great review, as always.

  3. Another funny chicken book. Yeah! On the library list :)

  4. I love the watercolors. How beautiful. Thanks also for including the reading level. I have a voracious, five-year-old reader. He still loves picture books, so I try to make sure he has some he can read on his own.

    1. My 7 1/2 year still loves picture books! At home, he never reads them on his own. I always read to him and his sister (5) at the same time.

  5. This is a great book! The illustrations are great! (and anything with chickens is funny!)

  6. I thought this book was quite clever, too. Great choice!

  7. Lovely choice for the PPBF thankyou for sharing with us.

  8. The art looks wonderful. We like funny at our house. Thanks for adding it to the list.

  9. Awww poor chicken! I love humorous tales. Can't wait to find this one!

  10. Christie...I love the way you rate the books you review with parents, teachers and kids in mind!
    What a great book to read prior to doing a unit on color and/or painting. :)

    Someone else did a review of a book with a yellow chicken. :) Maybe they will bring back Tweety Bird. :)


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