Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Year Anniversary - Blog Like You Mean It, and Share the Love

2 party hatHappy two-year anniversary to me!

Most bloggers blog because they love to write. I'm no different. I also love to connect with others, help others, educate readers about great picture books, and generally just have fun with it all. Don't let anyone lie to you, though. Blogging does take a lot of work. I'm not sure I remember the exact reason why I started my blog. To create a platform? Maybe. For fun - just to see what it would be like? Maybe. To get me into the more-writing-a-day mode? Maybe. Or maybe a little of all three. But I DO remember why I continue to blog.

  1. To be a part of the writing community.
  2. To help me study more picture books (and share them) on a more regular basis.
  3. To give back to others with my fun Saturday features (High Five Interviews, Lucky Clover Contest, Pot-O-Gold Blog Award, and the Pass-the-Paper writing fun; see tabs above).
My blog has evolved over time, as many of yours have as well. At first, I just wrote about me - or writing. Then I starting mingling the two. Then I added picture books. I finally have something I feel benefits me, my style, my personality, and my writing. I hope it also benefits all of you!

party confetti01In celebration of my two-year anniversary, I'd like to give away two critiques! Picture book, or opening MG chapter. 

Here's how to enter the giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post answering one of the following questions (or all three):
  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What is your favorite feature on my blog?
  3. What type of ms would you like me to critique?
I'll randomly select two individuals from all those who comment on this post by 2-14-12, midnight EST. That should give you two days. Share the love. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, after all.

P.S. Looks like I'll be having another giveaway soon, a 300-follower giveaway.

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. I'm not entering the critique giveaway for obvious reasons, but I encourage everyone else to do so ASAP! Christie is one of my CPs and her critiques ROCK!

    Congratulations on your blogiversary!

  2. I've only recently discovered your blog (after you very kindly interviewed me!), but am loving the Writer Quotes. They keep me going when I'm feeling out of ideas and lethargic - quite a feat!
    Despite having a picture book out on the shelves I'd really value a critique on the opening of an MG novel I'm working on.

  3. Happy Blogiversary Christie! Your blog is awesome and you are so right it is about the community more than anything. It all seemed to start with that first WriteOnCon, that's certainly where I 'met' you. Congrats! And don't include me on the critique you've helped me enough. Though I shall enter your next season competition. Big Al is on submission thanks to you!

    300 followers is awesome Christie, I'm about to hit 100. Celebrations all round :)

  4. Happy Anniversary, Christie!!! Your blog is terrific! In answer to your questions, #1 I totally blog for the community and interaction #2 Hard to pick, but I would say your book reviews, your writing contests (which I really am going to enter eventually!) and your pass the paper game and #3 If I'm lucky enough to win, I would submit a PB. Thanks for the opportunity. And 300 looks like it's pretty much within your sights!! :)

  5. Hi, Christie!! It's great to meet you. Just found you over on Literary Rambles. I'm following you now. I blog to meet other writers, study and hone my craft of writing all that encompasses KidLit, and spread my wings!

    Lovely blog.

  6. Happy blogoversary Christie! I started following your blog during WriteOnCon. It took me a long time to catch up on reading your terrific posts back then! I love your list of popular posts which really hit the highlights for me (and saved me from having to bookmark them all)!

    I definitely blog for the community factor, keeping an eye out for useful links and book news. I really like your "Read 4 Luck" rating system because I can know at a glance where the review is headed. I'd love your feedback on a PB ms if my name pops out of the hat.

    Thanks, and here's to 300 soon!

  7. Hi Christie!
    I also started following your blog after WriteOnCon...I love your story and your spunk! I blog because I have a perspective on picture books that I am slightly obsessed with...and because it was the blog I wanted to read and couldn't find it! So why not write it?! I don't know if it's a feature, but you sent me a PB template that I use all the time. Live it! So...I obviously have a PB for critiquing:)

    Congrats and Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Hi Christie,
      I've popped my head into your clover patch here once in awhile, and it's not fair that I haven't left a footprint. Thanks for all you do! What I love about your blog is that I feel like I'm seeing the real authentic Christie, and I can't help but like someone who loves picture books. And because I'm all about supporting people who have passions worth promoting, that's just one more reason to finally say thanks and keep it up!

  8. Congrats on 2 bloggin years Christie!

    - I blog as an e-diary
    - My fave feature on your blog is your GOAL. GO 40 :)
    - I'd like you to critique... my MS, of course!

    Smiles, Kelly

  9. I blog because I need to write. My mind goes into overdrive, and I can't sleep at night if I don't write every day. I write entries for my blog when I'm facing writer's block but still need to write something. Besides, it gives me a place to share all the little lessons I learn from day to day.

    I'd love to have you critique my picture book manuscript :)

  10. 2. I love your 50+ list. I've marked it as a favorite & passed it on to friends. Thanks!

    3. If I won, I'd love to have a picture book manuscript critiqued.

    Happy Blogiversary!


  11. Thanks, everyone! You're awesome! From the lovely contestants who entered, the totally random winners are:

    1-Veronica Bartles
    2-Deb Lund

    Just e-mail me your ms in a Word attachment and I'll get your critique done before the end of the month!

    Remember - you can all also enter the PB contest for this winter. Deadline is March 31!

  12. Congrats Veronica and Deb, Christie does the best critiques!

  13. Yay! I'm so excited! Off to email my PB manuscript now... :)

  14. Congratulations to the winners and to you. Happy Blogoversary!


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