Wednesday, February 8, 2012

READ-4-LUCK: Sing, Sophie! by Dayle Ann Dodds

READ-4-LUCK is the weekly feature that acts as a book recommendation, book review, teaching tip, and writing lesson for children, parents, teachers, and writers.

 = Not bad. Might read twice.

 = Fun read first few times. Would get from library again.
 = Very enjoyable. Wouldn't mind owning a copy.
 = Awesome! Never tiresome for children, parents, teachers, or writers. May just have to buy this book.

This week's pick is Sing, Sophie! by Dayle Ann Dodds, illustrated by Rosanne Litzinger.
Although no one else in her family likes her loud voice,
Sophie's singing may be the only thing to soothe her baby brother during a thunderstorm.
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Year: 1997
Word Count: 660
Book Level: 2.7
Age: 4-8
Topic: Singing, Family
Theme: Perseverance
First Page
     Little Sophie Adams had a voice so big folks claimed they could hear her from Corn County clear to the Oklahoma border. "I looooooove to sing!" said Sophie, strumming her guitar.
CHILDREN:  Children love to hear the words of Sophie's songs. They're hilarious. And if you actually sing it to your children, they'll love hearing Sophie's songs even more. They can totally identify with being turned away because somebody doesn't like what they're doing.

PARENTS:  If you love music and don't mind singing to your kids, then this one's a winner. The word play is so much fun.

 Perfect for an intro to a music unit. Could use to talk about rhyme, family relations, or country western life. Simple story pattern to teach writing.

 Can you say "VOICE!" Sophie's is spot on! A real cowgirl! "Yippee-ky-yee! Yippee-ky-yuu!" Try writing your own "song" book in the voice of an astronaut, or paleontologist, or teacher, or mother, or plumber, or carpenter...

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Keep on keepin' on...


  1. That girl sounds like my Hannah. How fun does this book sound. Have a great weekend Christie!

  2. This book sounds so fun!!! Coming from the South, a guitar player myself, I quite possibly might love it! (And my kids might too!) Just the cover alone has me sold. Great selection, Christie! Fun!

  3. Fun! The quick summary sort of gives me the feel that this is comparable to Holler Loudly, but featuring a female character. Yip-eeee!

  4. I've been wanting to read Holler Loudly.

  5. This book sounds really fun! It totally reminds me of another book about a girl who wants to sing and keeps being hushed - don't wake the baby etc... and I can't remember what it's called! Anyway, I'm sure a lot of kids can relate to this! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This book is a bunch of fun. I have had some raucous library times singing this to students, who LOVE IT.

  7. Like your choice as it really sounds like a very engaging and fun book with kids. Always enjoy your activities, and suggestions for parents, teachers and writers.

    Thank you for your note. I appreciate your thoughts.

  8. Again, i love your choice. Looks like a bunch of fun to read to the kiddies. :)

  9. Very high rating from you - definitely worth checking out!

  10. This book sounds great! We always like to sing out loud and together in our family!! Thank you for telling us about it!

  11. Sophie sounds like she would fit in just fine at my house. Great choice!

  12. I'm not a big fan of singing, but my toddler likes it so sounds like a winner.


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