How to Write Like a Professional

How to Write Like a Professional
6 Surprising Mistakes That Make Writers Look Like Amateurs... and How to Avoid Them

Monday, July 19, 2010

6 Tips on Writing Picture Books

Author, Kathleen Pelley, advises these 6 tips to anyone wanting to write a picture book, as found on the editor's blog.

  1. Read Aloud
    1. Read picture books that you absolutely love - aloud.  Read all the others silently first.  And when you find one you love, read it over and over again - aloud.
  2. Find Space to Listen to Your Inner Voice
    1. Give your writer self the space you need to listen to your stories.
  3. Wonder
    1. Try to write your own books as though it were someone else's that took your breath away.  Write with wonder, so it will take someone's breath away.
  4. Trust Beyond Yourself
    1. Trust the creative process, whether it be called the Muse, God, the Divine, or something else.  Know that it exists and acknowledge its presence when you write. 
  5. Find Heaven
    1. Write about what makes your heart sing.
  6. Love
    1. "Love the world the way you did when you were a little child."

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