Sunday, July 4, 2010

Always Follow Your Dreams

This is the first "official" post for my newest addition of Poetry Sunday to my blog.  I know on Sunday, I posted a writing poem.  So from here on out, you can expect to see some form of poetry on my blog.  Some may be my own.  Most will belong to others.  Some will be children's poems.  Some will be inspirational, as is this one.  And sometimes, it may just be a scripture verse or a notable quote.

Today's poem has no title, but it comes from a book titled, Always Follow Your Dreams, A collection of poems to inspire and encourage your dreams, Edited by Susan Polis Schutz, published in 1985 by Blue Mountain Press in Boulder, Colorado.

Don't ever give up
      your dreams...
and never leave 
      them behind.
Find them; make them yours,
and all through your life, 
cherish them,
       and never let them go.

--Elisa Costanza

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