Friday, July 30, 2010

Stress of Being a Writer

This is a semi-stressful confession-city type post.  This week I have felt the pull in so many different directions: a new (I mean FIRST) diet and counting calories and planning menus, WriteOnCon, networking, Facebook, Twitter, creating new Zazzle products, the anxiety of canning my first run EVER of tomatoes, my husband having to work an extra day, the lawn still isn't mowed, my children are STILL UP right now (tsk.tsk.), the "fever" of my new "Brainstorms" (the next book I'm gonna buy), and the procrastination (grrr...) of actually working on my WRITING projectS.  And I call myself a writer?  Well, what can I say?  I'm having summer priority problems.  School starts in 3 and a half weeks and I still don't know if I have a job (my last one was p/t and semi-temporary).  ANYWAY, it's all fun, but there's just not enough time in the day.  I stayed up till 4am this morning and only slept 5 and half hours.  I told myself that I would not make that same mistake again.  So I guess I still have 4 hours, and I can go to bed at 3am!  Just kidding.  But I have been on the computer nearly ALL day.  I'm having TOO much fun over at WriteOnCon.  I just hope they do it again next year.  And the actual conference hasn't even started yet!  I'm hoping to get a writer friend to go to a the SCBWI Carolinas Conference with me in September.  Okay, so I'm done rambling for now.  See you later and keep on keepin' on!


  1. I totally relate. Summer is just killing me. So little time to write, so little time to blog, so little time to keep up with anything, really. I'll be participating in WriteOnCon too, but I'm gone all this week, literally not back until the day before it starts. Ergo, I've been trying not to distract myself too much over at that site, which is like a brand new big shiny ball. That and all the blogging from the LA SCBWI conference is making me crazy! Lots of reading to do when I get back.

  2. This is similar to your blog post the other day Julie. Looks like we all need a writing weekend somewhere looking out to the sea (I wish). I am starting to get in trouble for how much time I am on here. Secretly thinking of ways to go back to bits of paper and sneak writing in somewhere other than this desk hee hee. I'm having a better week this week, but there is no time to look at all the great websites where I have subscriptions, like CBI Clubhouse and SCBWI, mevermind Verla Kay. I will make a date with them all when school starts. Hope you have a relaxing holiday Julie!

  3. To funny. Your line... "This week I have felt the pull in so many different directions: WriteOnCon, networking, Facebook, Twitter, creating new Zazzle products"
    This all sounds just like me! And now I've received a book to review from Penquin press. (Very Grateful) I'm very excited about it. I just keep repeating the positive affirmation "I have all the time I need"
    over and over! I make a list and cross things off as they get done. I'm going to check out your zazzle store. I know your busy but if you get a chance please check out mine.
    Namaste Carol

  4. Hey! So I have a "soul sistah" out there, huh? Well, cool! I'm gonna have to "steal" your positive affirmation (and hope that it doesn't take up all my time). As far as list-making goes, AM I A LIST MAAAAKER!!! BUT, I need to make some more new ones and actually stick to them. Surfing the web can be sooooo distracting!!! Just look how far behind I am on my blog. YIKES!!!


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