Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Proposal

I spent the last several days vigilantly working on my book proposal.  I think it's finished.  All I have to do is write a cover letter.  And package the whole thing.  I am SUPER excited.  It's been a year since the idea landed in my heart and mind, and now I'm ready for it to really take flight.  I am looking forward to it being away from me.  I'm sure it will be tense as I wonder when the publisher got it, if they'll love it, and when I'll hear back from them.  But I will be so glad that I don't have to procrastinate that project any longer.  It's been too long.  Now I'll be able to truly focus on some other manuscripts.  Three in particular are chomping at the bit to be revised.  I can't wait to get to them!  But first, I DO have to write a cover letter.  Actually, first I have to go cook dinner.  So that's my life today.

By the way, the suspense is still killing me.  See why.

Or you can add on to the newest Pass the Paper story.  Or both.

Have a good weekend!  And come back tomorrow for your Sunday's dose of poetry.

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