Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miss Rumphius

The Miss Rumphius Effect is one blog I like to follow. Every Monday, she has a poetry stretch.  You can write your own poems in the comments and she'll post them later on.  Battle with the best of them:  Jane Yolen, Kate Coombs, among many other greats!  Here's mine from last week.  The theme was "How to Listen."


The plop of butter slides around 
the frying pan. Minutes tick 
until the sizzles begin.
Fork scrapes porcelain bowl
while beating two eggs once 
whole. Broken shells cracked 
scrunch down with the trash. 
Whipped eggs sizzle and fry 
in the bubbly butter. Omelet 
gives way to quiet chewing
then peach drips juice and 
slurps set in. Giant gulps 
of milk, but only five. 
Stomach happy for an hour. 
Grumbles and growls gnaw my 
insides. Nine chimes on the clock 
make me shudder to think how 
long I have to wait for the 
next meal of this diet.

--Christie Wright Wild

Feel free to share your own "listening/sound" poem!

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