Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nonsense Poetry

According to Wikipedia:  Nonsense verse is a form of light, often rhythmical verse, usually for children, depicting peculiar characters in amusing and fantastical situations. It is whimsical and humorous in tone and tends to employ fanciful phrases and meaningless made-up words.

Two books I can think of right now (one of which I just read today - for the second time) are:

1. (today's book) Once Upon a Twice by Denise Doyen, ill. by Barry Moser.  Random House, 2009.  (555 words)
    Lots of good vocabulary, AND nonsensical words.  Cute, suspenseful, funny.  And of course, fun to read.  (To me, felt like Jane Yolen meets Dr. Seuss meets Mother Goose meets The Secret of Nimh.)

2.  and...Rain Makes Applesauce by Julian Scheer ill. by Marvin Bileck.  Holiday House, 1964.  Caldecott Honor Book.  (181 words)
    This one is a classic.  Our favorite thing to say to each other when we're being silly (my kids and I) is, "You're just talking silly talk."  Definitely worth reading!  (Also has very detailed pictures.)
And here's my own nonsense verse, based on homonyms, homophones, and the like.

Non Cents

A kind of kindness 
knows no meanness.
I mean to say
I'm bound by rules.
I bound by schools
on bouncy buses
though I man
the man's brick trusses.
I sense this pen 
makes no sense.
So sew with pins 
to make some cents.
I'm not a traitor
of the word,
just a trader
of the world.
~Christie Wright Wild   

What's your favorite nonsense poem and/or book?

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