Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Books To Put On My Shelves

About a week ago, I bought a new picture book, Faucet Fish, by Fay Robinson.  It's a lot of fun to read.  Clever, funny, surprising, and laugh-out-loud.  I just had to add it to my always growing collection!

Illustrated by:  Wayne Anderson
Published by:  Dutton Children's Books
Year:  2005
Summary:  Elizabeth loved fish.  She loved going to the aquarium.  She wanted more pet fish than her single guppy.  Her parents wouldn't listen.  One day, fish started coming out of her faucet.  She had to find a way to deal with the fish and make her parents listen, too.
Word Count:  931     Book Level:  3.0
Sparkle Element:  I love the word play, the surprises, the illustrations, the repetition; and of course, the STORY!!!

The next four books are gonna be my new best friends.  I can't wait to read them.  I've already read two of the books' intros and some portions of chapters via Amazon's Look Inside feature.  Oooooh!  I can't wait till they come in the mail!  Happy reading!

Referred to by Amazon, when I went to buy the other ones.
Visit his amazon blog to read 31 quotes of praise for this book, including Jane Yolen and Harold Underdown. 

Referred to by Kristi Holl
Referred to by Alison Stevens
Referred to by Susan Lieurance and Book Bites for Kids

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