Monday, August 16, 2010


This past weekend, my family and I went camping in a tent.  We left Thursday (and I "missed" the last day of WriteOnCon) and were supposed to stay for three nights.  We left a day early because we got rained out.  The tent and all its contents got soaked.  I ended up sleeping in the car on the second night.  We still had fun, though. We let the kids get in their swimsuits in the rain and play in the mud puddles while we packed up the tent and supplies.  Next year, we'll have a big tarp to go over our tents.  We had a tarp on our portion, but it didn't cover enough of it.  At least we had a tarp covering the food and table!  And now I want to write a camping book!  But that will probably be book #150.  No GOOD ideas there, yet.  (But I DID write more than half of my next new story!  Can't wait to share it with my Story Swappers!)

Fred's Bike is still the current story in Pass the Paper.  Who will finish it?

Sunday's poem:  "Camping"
(I'm writing this on the fly.)

Camping!  Camping!  Let's go camping!
Can't wait!  Can't wait!  Wanna go swimming!
Paddle boat!  Paddle boat!  Peddle those legs!
Fishing!  Fishing!  Give me a worm!
Putt-putt!  Putt-putt!  Hole in one!
Fun-n-games!  Fun-n-games!  Water balloon toss!
Exploring!  Exploring!  Found some old tee-pees!
Tie-dye!  Tie-dye!  Red and blue t-shirts!
Hot dogs!  Hot dogs!  Roast 'em on a stick!
Marshmallow!  Marshmallow!  Put it on a SMORES!
Mud puddle!  Mud puddle!  Splash some more!
Next year!  Next year!  We'll be back for more!!!

How was YOUR weekend?

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